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GTA IV Data3 Cab Error: Causes and Solutions

We do not have to create a special version of the game. The Pandora Directive v1.1 already contains all the special content that should be burnt. We do however need a DVD / HD Installer that can create the ISO of the finished ISO image (the Disc).

Gta iv disc 2 data3 cab

Download Zip:

You are now ready to use the Pandora Directive DVD/HD Installer v1.1 for the creation of the ISO file. To start the disc creation procedure we use the following steps: 1. Select the ""ISO"" folder, so the menu ""Apply"" appears. 2. Press the ""Start"" button. The dialog ""Creating the ISO file"" will appear. 3. Press the ""Start"" button again, in order to start the disc creation process. 4. Wait a few seconds (depending on the speed of your computer) until the disc creation is completed. This should be 60 seconds.

Now that the disc creation process is done, we can start the Pandora Directive. To do this, we will use the following steps: 1. Select the ""ISO"" folder. 2. Select ""Open Pandora Directive.exe"" from the ""DISCO"" menu and press the ""OK"" button.

These steps will make the Pandora Directive Open. Pandora Directive is a special disc burner that was developed by DE JONG. In our case, we are going to use one of the floppy disks that are included in the Pandora Directive to create the ISO file. Note: The floppy disc will be seen as a normal ISO disc, and will be able to be selected in the ""DISCO"" menu.

Note: You should never close Pandora Directive, as this will end the disc creation process and the game will be lost. If you ever have a problem with the Pandora Directive disc creation process, to be able to create the disc again, youll have to close Pandora Directive. This will make you re-open Pandora Directive and repeat the disc creation process.[/html][/font][/url] [url=][font=Arial][size=2][color=#cccccc]This guide contains many EXE files.

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