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360 Panorama Stock Photos: High-Quality Images for Free Download

How to Download 360 Photos Online

Have you ever seen a photo that lets you look around in any direction as if you were there? That's a 360 photo, and it's one of the most immersive and engaging types of photography. In this article, you'll learn what 360 photos are, how to take them, and how to download them online.

360 photo download online

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What are 360 Photos?

A 360 photo is a controllable panoramic image that surrounds the original point from which the shot was taken. It simulates being in the shoes of a photographer and looking around to the left, right, up and down as desired as well as sometimes zooming. The viewer clicks any point on the image to drag it in the desired direction. The ability to turn around and look at a surrounding environment is achieved through a combination of software and a number of panoramic photos. The photos are lined up to make for a continuous circle around the point of shooting. A digital camera often has built-in software that helps align the shots. Once enough shots are taken to surround the photographer, they are either uploaded to an application to be turned into a 360 photo or created through a mobile app on a smartphone.

There are several advantages to capturing photos in 360 degrees:

  • You can relive your memories in detail, such as trips or significant events like weddings.

  • You may discover moments that occurred behind you that you may have missed at the time.

  • You can take a picture of everyone at a lunch or dinner party.

  • 360-degree photos and videos offer unlimited possibilities for viewers.

  • 360-degree photography is immersive and offers a more realistic view of the space.

Here are some examples of 360 photos from different sources:

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How to Take 360 Photos?

To take 360 photos, you need two things: a camera and a software. The camera can be either a dedicated 360 camera, such as the Ricoh Theta, or a regular camera with a wide-angle lens or a fisheye lens. The software can be either a mobile app, such as Google Street View, or a desktop program, such as PTGui.

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The process of taking 360 photos involves four steps: choosing a location, aligning the shots, stitching the images, and editing the result . Here is a brief overview of each step:

  • Choosing a location: You want to pick a place that has interesting features in all directions, such as a landscape, a cityscape, or an interior. Avoid places that have too much movement, such as busy streets or crowds, as they can cause stitching errors. Also, avoid places that have too much contrast, such as bright sunlight and dark shadows, as they can affect the exposure.

  • Aligning the shots: You want to take multiple shots that cover the entire sphere around you, with some overlap between them. The number of shots depends on the camera and the lens you use. For example, with a 360 camera, you may only need one or two shots; with a regular camera and a wide-angle lens, you may need six to eight shots; and with a regular camera and a fisheye lens, you may need four shots. You can use a tripod or a monopod to keep the camera steady and level. You can also use a remote control or a timer to trigger the shutter.

  • Stitching the images: You want to combine the shots into one seamless image that wraps around the sphere. You can use a mobile app or a desktop program to do this. Some apps and programs can do this automatically; others may require some manual adjustments. You can also choose different projections for your image, such as equirectangular, cylindrical, or stereographic.

  • Editing the result: You want to enhance your image by adjusting the color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and other parameters. You can also crop your image to remove unwanted parts, such as the tripod or your feet. You can also add metadata to your image, such as title, description, location, and orientation.

Here are some tips for taking better 360 photos:

  • Avoid moving objects in your scene, such as people or cars, as they can cause ghosting or blurring in your image.

  • Keep the camera level and at eye level to avoid distortion and tilting in your image.

  • Use a tripod or a monopod to stabilize your camera and avoid shaking or vibration.

  • Use manual mode to set the exposure and white balance for your camera and keep them consistent for all shots.

  • Use the highest resolution and quality settings for your camera and software to get the best results.

How to Download 360 Photos Online?

Once you have taken or created your 360 photos, you may want to download them online for various purposes, such as sharing them on social media, embedding them on websites, or viewing them on VR devices. There are many sources that offer free or paid 360 photos for download online. Here are some of them:





A collection of high-quality 360 photos from various categories, such as nature, architecture, travel, and more.


Use a browser to browse and download the images.

A gallery of user-submitted 360 photos from different locations and themes.


Use a browser to browse and download the images.

A service that provides 360 photos of streets and places around the world.


>td>Use a browser or a mobile app to browse and download the images.

A platform that allows users to upload and share 360 photos and videos on Facebook.


Use a browser or a mobile app to browse and download the images.

A software that allows users to view and edit 360 photos and videos taken with RICOH THETA cameras.


Use a desktop software to import and download the images.

To download 360 photos online, you need to follow different methods depending on the source and the format of the images. Here are some general steps for each method:

  • Using a browser: You can use any web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, to access the websites that offer 360 photos for download. You can browse the categories or search for the images you want. You can also preview the images by clicking on them and dragging them around. To download the images, you can right-click on them and choose "Save image as" or "Download image". You can also use some browser extensions or plugins that can help you download 360 photos more easily, such as .

  • Using a mobile app: You can use your smartphone or tablet to download 360 photos online using some mobile apps, such as Google Street View or Facebook 360. You can download these apps from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can browse the collections or search for the images you want. You can also preview the images by tapping on them and moving your device around. To download the images, you can tap on the menu icon and choose "Download" or "Save". You can also use some mobile apps that can help you download 360 photos more easily, such as .

  • Using a desktop software: You can use your computer to download 360 photos online using some desktop software, such as RICOH THETA or PTGui. You can download these software from their official websites. You can import your 360 photos from your camera or your computer to the software. You can also view and edit your images using the software. To download the images, you can choose "Export" or "Save as" from the file menu and select the format and location you want.


360 photos are amazing ways to capture and share your experiences in full detail. They allow you to explore the entire scene around you and relive your memories in a realistic way. To take 360 photos, you need a camera and a software that can stitch the images together. To download 360 photos online, you need to find a source that offers them and use a method that suits your needs. Whether you want to download 360 photos for personal use, professiona

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