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Jeremy Garcia

Wic Reset V3.01

reSET is intended to provide cognitive behavioral therapy, as an adjunct to a contingency management system, for patients 18 years of age and older, who are currently enrolled in outpatient treatment under the supervision of a clinician. reSET is intended to be used as a 12-week (90 day) treatment, or approximately two months, to reduce relapse and to retain patients enrolled in outpatient treatment for up to an additional two months. reSET may be prescribed in conjunction with any other approved SUD treatment or supportive services.

Wic reset v3.01

However, I never find myself thinking about any of it as a publicity stunt. Its all about being very careful that Reset is not promoted by actors or people who are just out for dollar signs, and that its not hijacked by people who dont know what Reset really is. And the best thing is that we did exactly that on day one of every Reset. Unlike some other new products which are hyped but dont actually produce the results they claim, Reset works. There is a lot of dedication and care into all of this, and its being done for a very good reason.

When I got the call that Disney wanted Reset to be their game, I was thrilled. I was actually in the middle of writing a paper and trying to find a doctor who would accept my insurance, so that I could finish writing a book that I had just started because I finally felt like I was going to do something with the great idea I had and I was unable to now do it. I got the call and I was like, lets do this. And so we made the resolution to do this as a side project.

The reSET-R prescription digital therapeutic is a 12-week (84 day) software application intended to increase retention of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) in outpatient treatment by providing cognitive behavioral therapy, as an adjunct to outpatient treatment that includes transmucosal buprenorphine and contingency management, for patients 18 years or older who are currently under the supervision of a clinician. reSET-R is indicated as a prescription-only digital therapeutic.

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