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[S2E2] Chapter 10

Our current Red Book consists of Chapters 1-3 (of the 4th Edition) and Chapters 5-15 (of the 3rd Edition). As we update these chapters, we will also update this table of contents and provide new links. We will no longer publish a separate Annual Update.

[S2E2] Chapter 10

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When a chapter or appendix is updated, the date in the footer on all pages is changed. If the update is limited, the revisions are denoted by a vertical line on the outside margin. If the update to a chapter or appendix includes changes to policy or if updates are extensive, a Manual Change Transmittal is issued, and the date in the footer will be changed to match the date of the Manual Change Transmittal

Some hyperlinks in the body of the PDPM may become inactive or inaccurate when link locations are changed. Click below for a list of hyperlinks from the body of the PDPM with updated link locations. The list is organized by chapter and appendix.

Overall, Lupin bows out with a satisfying conclusion to this chapter, weaving a consistent thread of good storytelling and strong character development for Assane into one compelling 10 episode series. 041b061a72

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